Soil reclamation and irrigation is one of our main missions.

With the help of implementing our WaterSeer ™ irrigation projects, we help crop land even where residents are forced to leave their homes due to drought and food shortages. We see this as a major global problem.

For agriculture, we have many suggestions and solutions for how to irrigate and fertilize the land, even in areas severely damaged by drought.

We can design and implement solutions that work entirely automatically. We mainly use energy self-sufficiency systems.

WaterSeer ™

Case study of water production for agriculture

The WaterSeer ™ system produces water where its flow is directed to a collecting channel and further directly to the rows to the plants.

WaterSeer ™

Case study of water production for agriculture

This WaterSeer ™ water collection solution has already been presented with drinking water. It can also be used for irrigation. The water that is trapped in the collecting tank is further distributed to irrigation systems directly in the field.


Example of WaterSeer system installation in the field

Short of reliable water resource in your area?

We are exclusive WaterSeer™ products distributor for Europe.