For our projects we use the SkyWater air water generator to create water resources. SkyWater is our long-term partner.

The Skywater® 300 uses Island Sky’s patented air to water technology to produce fresh drinking water from water vapour in the air. Skywater’s adiabatic distillation process extracts more water vapour in varied conditions than most air to water devices worldwide.

The Skywater® 300 works by converting humidity in the air to water. In an ideal range of temperatures and humidity levels, the Skywater® 300 produces anywhere from 500 to over 1100 litres per day. Machines can be bundled together to produce larger volumes and have the capacity to produce a reliable source of water for residential, greenhouse, humanitarian, emergency relief and much more.

The Skywater® 300

is far superior in extraction and power efficiency compared to other air-to-water devices and is engineered to maintain these output levels in a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.

Optional pump, tank and secondary water filtration (such as ozone) may be added or a custom-built apparatus made to gravity feed the water.

How it works

  • The machines use refrigeration techniques to maintain a dew point within a condensation chamber to maximise water production from the existing atmospheric condition.
  • The higher the humidity and temperature, the more water that can be produced
  • After condensation, the water is filtered and treated with ozone to enhance its taste and prevent potentially hazardous micro-organisms from forming.

The two key ingredients for making water are humidity & temperature. At lower temperatures, the machine requires more humidity. At higher temperatures, less humidity is required.

Technical specifications

Ideal Working Conditions

Temperature: 71°F – 90°F (21ºC – 32°C)
Humidity: 40% RH – 100% RH

For best results, it is important that your machine be located in a well-ventilated area, up to 5 feet on all sides is ideal.

Production Capacity

300 Gallons/Day (1100 Liters/Day)


3-Phase: 50Hz or 60Hz, 7-10 KW/H, 380-420V, 50 Amps
Single Phase: 50 Hz, 11 KW/H, 220V, 50 Amps




1000 lbs (450 kg)

Short of reliable water resource in your area?