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Who we are

Asman Water is an official partner of Skywater® water generators from the air for the EU, ECOWAS, Middle East. Asman Water takes care of the production, distributions and projects implementation of Skywater®. Our expert team is able to apply Skywater® projects around the world.

Our Mission

Asman Water focuses on solving and implementing water resource projects for many different uses and areas around the world. In cooperation with our partner SkyWater and their air water generators, we can create a water source even in the most demanding conditions with a lack of natural water.

What we do

The Asman Water team includes world-renowned professionals with many years of experience in drought-affected areas around the world. We cooperate with the University of Tropical Agriculture in Prague and many others in various countries.

Our areas of problem-solving and implementation

Humanitarian aid - design and implementation of drinking water sources for indigenous settlements, refugee camps, governmental and non-governmental projects
Afforestation - combating desertification and healing of erosive soil, organic farming, education in the field of organic farming at the university level
Consulting of water resources mainly in critical areas and overall implementation of off-grid solutions related to green energy
On-Grid and Off-Grid water resources for green building, real estate, Residential property developments

We work with our long-term partner SkyWater, developer of air water generator to create and maintain water resources.


Way we approach client problem with our solution


Problem analysis

Based on your problem we create a complex analysis of the situation. Our team will install several Skywater® systems in your locality to collect right amount of data.


Solution suggestion

Collected data from our Skywater® installations will help us to create perfect tailor made solution of your problem.


Project realization

We’ll send our dedicated team of professionals anywhere in the world to implement the entire project designed by our proposal.


Project evaluation

After the project implementation, we start to collect the water production data. Data are analysed and evaluated in our servers to adjust the water production capacity if necessary.

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